Nederlands BierProef Fesitval

Finally after a long delay. This is the official launch of The Bier Quest.
May 16, 2014 The Bier Quest attended Nederlands BierProef Fesitval
(Netherlands Beer Tasting Festival). Watch the Video Below:


Gouverneur Blond

Two Chefs Brewing – Green Bullet(Two Chefs Brewing/)

Texels – Spring + Bac (No Winter)

Amanda & Tim Skelton – Beer in the Netherlands Book
timskelton.eu | booksaboutbeer.com

Angus Trippel

Grand Finale – Sint Christoffel Bier


Hello world!

Welcome to BierQuest. Look it took 45 minutes for The Hobbit and those Dwarfs to even start that damn journey, so please give me at least the weekend..

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